Review Of Mixed Essentials

 So I was fortunate enough to come across a company called Mixed Essentials on twitter. I decided to have a little look on their website, ( ) Mixed essentials is a company run by a very lovely lady Marcia that creates beautiful organic products for you and your body! Amazing!

I decided to contact Marcia via email and she kindly got back to me and agreed to send me some products for review! What a treat!


 – 1 X 100ml spray bottle of ‘Fresh Linen’ Air/ Fabric Freshener.

– 1 x 28ml Sample jar of home- made Organic ‘Rose Petal’ Body cream.

– 1 x 3ml pot of Mixed Essentials Organic ‘Cherry Blush’ Lip Blam.

 Firstly I want to talk about how beautifully put together these products were, Marcia asked me my favourite colour and from that she chose a lip balm that suited my colour choice!  Then put it in a cute little gift bag with confetti and tied with a pink ribbon. I feel like this a such a cute personalised touch to receiving the products!

 As you can see above this is the little gift bag with the lip balm inside! Also seen in the picture is the pot of ‘Rose Petal’ body cream that i received.

 Firstly lets talk about the lip balm, this is honestly a delight. I’m in love with the smell, it is it’s exactly like cherry. I find with normal drugstore bought lip-balms you tend to find they don’t smell genuine, due to the fact that Mixed Essentials amazing lip balm is organic it is the real deal. What i love about this is that it’s been made with almond wax to avoid putting people off with the with the use of Bees wax, so it’s available to everyone, again i feel like this a another really thoughtful touch to this brand.

 ‘Cherry Blush’ is a delight to use, it’s extremely moisturising to the lips and i’d describe it as a silky feeling when on the lip. Most lip-balms tend to give a shine regardless which isn’t necessarily a good thing if you want a moisturising product to go under a lipstick, so i find that this is amazing for applying before putting on a lipstick. If you’re not a fan of the strong shiny lip balms this is the one to go for because it has a gorgeous matte finish!  I’ve found most lip balms, they’re a little bit sticky to apply but with this, just enough was on my finger when applying. I wasn’t left with any sticky gross left over lip-balm. Thumbs Up!

 So also in this picture is the ‘Rose Petal’ body cream, this is another delight to use. I decided to stop using my normal hand cream and start using this instead because this is one of the suggested uses! I don’t know about anyone else but tend to find myself getting through so much hand cream because i’m constantly reapplying it throughout the day, though with this i didn’t find that at all! Throughout the day i’ve found my hands being extremely hydrated and moisturised. I would like to point out that the scent is very strong so if your not a fan of the rose petal smell i wouldn’t advise, though i love it! I found that the scent is so natural it had undertones of earthiness to it which i love! I feel like I could relate the scent to Liz Earle products. I’ve been so impressed with this product, i’ve managed to overcome the gross tacky feeling you get after using a hand cream when their is too much applied, the right amount just soaks right in! The amazing thing is that i’ve only used this product on my hands at the moment so i’m amazed to find out what it will do to other skin my body!

  Lastly, I received a surprising product actually and that is the ‘Fresh Linen’ air/ fabric fresher! I’m so glad that I got this product because i find that it’s what you need sometimes but don’t always have at hand. I’ve been using this in the living room of my house, as we have a little puppy as i’m sure you can imagine it smells of little puppy sometimes. So i’ve really found this coming in handy to freshen up pillows or over the sofa! I love the smell so much I thought i’ve got to put a little over my bedsheets because it’s beautiful. Anyone that knows me is aware of my love for a good yankee candle and this really reminds me of their scent fluffy towels! Plus it’s the first thing i smelt when i opened the package!  Amazing product!

 Overall, i’ve loved my experience reviewing these products for Mixed Essentials.  I’ve made contact with a very lovely lady that has made some amazing items! I would say that because I haven’t used many organic beauty products before that it’s really made a difference to me in a short time! I wish you all the best with a your business and i can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of it with this review! I hope you continue to have great success! Can’t wait to try more!

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