The saying ‘you never realise what you’ve got till its gone’…

Is fitting for me right now,  I’ve not lost anything but I’m now 126.9 miles from my mum, dad and sister and I miss them massively.

I made the move from being a Surrey gal to being a Suffolk gal and I’m very happy in my new home.


Visiting my parents this weekend made me realise that I miss them more than anything, these teenage years that you get are strange. Living with your parents you have them moments of moodiness and anger toward anything and everything because your a standard ‘moody teenager’ but then moving away whatever that might be, uni or something changes so much.

You miss the wonderful people that you share life with , and then all the little things, Sunday dinners, inside jokes and their smiling faces.

I spent a magic weekend with the most perfect family I could ever ask for, my incredible sister who got engaged to the man of her dreams and a bother in my eyes. My beautiful mummy who celebrated her birthday today. She is my twin, I feel that me and and her and exactly the same and their is no woman on the world better than her. My dad who just makes me smile gives me the best hugs, I don’t know if he knows how much I love them but I do.  And the rest of my weird, mad and all round perfect family.

I can’t forget my big sealpup big Archie,  mr Larkin and of corse baby Remms. (the dogs)

I’m blessed what can I say, I have the best family in the world and they mean EVERYTHING to me.

Another thing I love about my dad… This amazing talent he has to take a blurry picture everytime… Perfect.

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