LDNFW The Bloggers Hangout

Myself and the lovely Kimberly set out into London on the 22nd Of February to attend The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week Event!

Setting off from Bury St Edmunds at 6:30am I was a very sleepy version of myself but nevertheless very excited for the day ahead!

National Express had seemed to be my second home in the most recent weeks but shout out to you guys because I’d never have thought about taking a coach anywhere! Though all the National Express experiences i’ve had have been fantastic and also it’s cheeper and way more hassle free than the train!

Due to London traffic, which is to be expected on a Monday morning! We did arrive into Victoria coach station a little late but hey, it’s London what are you gonna do! Meeting Kim in the only place girls know how to get too with some kind of caffeine radar was Starbucks… we set off on our journey to Oxford Street to hit Selfridges. Looking at my step counter on my phone myself and Kim walked 10 Miles that day WHAT!

Though we did enjoy the likes of, Buckingham Palace, Selfridges, Liberty’s, and the packed underground. After a Kim made a cheeky Tom Ford related purchase in Selfridges, we headed to The Bloggers Hangout.

Now, myself and Kim agreed there was a lot more food at the event than fashion but there were a few gems in there that I’m glad I came across! One in particular Naturigin Organic hair colours, this brand is for women who dye their hair at home regularly but don’t want the added health risks that chemicals in these home dye products can cause! Their range of hair colours are organic based, 100% ammonia free and 100% paraben free in addition to so much more.

As you’ll know from my youtube channel my most popular videos are ‘How to get hair as white as Gandalf’ and ‘Super White Hair’. Both of these videos based on me using home dyes to create my platinum blonde look, so I want to try this organic hair dye! It’s so very exciting! Watch my Youtube channel for the hair dying process and review very soon!

After hanging out at the event a little while we decided to head back into central grab a coffee and take some pictures for Kim’s blog! Then heading back home!

If you want to watch our day out in London, the video is ABOVE! Don’t forget to comment and hit the subscribe button!

Then head on over to Kim’s Blog and show her some love!


Also… I CAN’T GET THIS SONG OUT MY HEAD! LIKE SERIOUSLY! What do you guys think of it?


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