Oscars 2016 Favourite Looks

Amongst all the stars, these are the top three looks that I’m loving from the red carpet this year. Writing this i’ve happened to notice that they’re all blondes, haha I think i’m just wishing in my head that I was them haha. Anyways…

 Lady GaGa wearing Brandon Maxwell.

I adore this outfit, I’m not even sure what you would call it! Trousers hidden under a dress pretty impressive, though the elegance of the whole outfit makes a massive change from the crazy meat dresses from GaGa’s earlier award shows. Brandon Maxwell also designed GaGa’s David Bowie tribute outfit too, i really think this outfit makes her transition to the sophisticated¬†Hollywood woman she wants to be.


Rachel McAdams wearing August Getty

Now it would seem that I’m the only person in the world that genuinely loves this dress, everyone else hates it. Lets face it 90’s is back, this silk halter neck screams it. ¬†There’s nothing wrong with plain and simple and that thigh is slaying! Something¬†makes me feel though she’s looking a little Regina George but I love it.

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior 

Can I please just scream from the roof tops about how much I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence! Firstly her hair, oh my gosh that ice blonde with the sleek long shoulder cut is just beautiful. This dress is unbelievable, i mean i’d look like a woman in drag in it, but Jen is slaying. The nude lace is just absolutely beautiful and 100% on the sexy radar with that v neck! Ahhh everything about it is amazing.


Note all these images belong to their rightful owners.

Hope you in enjoyed my favourite looks from the Oscars 2016!

Lauren. Xx

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