I wanna share everything with you guys, the music i’m loving is very important!

Recently I rekindled my love with my Soundcloud account, finding new music is so much fun because i’m that person that finds something they love, becomes obsessed and plays it to death!

Lets Hop In!

  1. Raye – Tell Me.

Now I came across this track in a very random way, i was watching snapchat stories and i follow Shay Mitchell (Emily PLL) and she snapped this track! Instantly my ears pricked up like a dog because I bloody loved it! Haha. Everything about this track just screams sexy, the vocals are on point the production is stunning and uh I’m just loving this ability to use some little odd sounds into a track and it adding so much! Guys just listen to it and hit up twitter to let Raye know what you think! i’m so pleased I came across it!

2. SELF ft Aimee Gould – Loome.

Similar comments to Rayes track, this is another song that just incorporates bizarre sounds hidden in the production that makes so much! The vocal on this track is really unique along with the female vocals of Amiee Gould makes such a smooth blend! This song screams summer to me, reminding me a little of Tame Impala.

3. All About You – Cheney.

Now, if you want to know what The Weekend would be if he was female, this is it. I’m such a big weekend fan and this track does just scream it to me. I’m in love this track is to be honest i found it hard to pick one from the whole of her Soundcloud! Cheney has such a killer vocal and that slow bass beat just screams YES ¬†me. I love it.

4. World- Away Kasbo.

I had to put this SICK track into the mix, i’m very much into this amazing edited kind of electronic music i guess you’d call it. Now if you follow my youtube channel you might have come across this track on one of my videos. This is because I loved it so much a practically begged Kasbo to let me use it! Thank the lord it was a yes because this is such a HUDGE track. Please just go listen to this one and share the love! ¬†You wont be disappointed!

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