Café Pod Subscription 

Hi guys!
So today I want to talk about Café pod which you might have seen in places like Waitrose and Sainsburys. They basically do a massive range of coffee pods, that are Nesspresso compatible in addition to machine like the Dolce Gusto.

I first purchased these pods in Waitrose and myself and my boyfriend really really liked them! So we thought we check out their website,  basically they did a super cool thing online where you can do a subscription service and you can choose to have your coffee delivered! Its a delivery every four weeks and you can choose from 40 capsules 60 capsules for 80 capsules. At the moment they’ve got nine coffee is to choose from my personal favourite being the Guatemala Lungo.

I just wanted to share this with you guys because maybe you would want to go onto their website and check it out!

If your a coffee lover it’s amazing because you don’t even have to think about going out getting coffee pods!

Which me and my boyfriend do all the time!  w So if you’re interested I’ll leave all of the links down below because I think it’s a supercool subscription!

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