Afternoon All,

Never in my life have I been so amazed by a video and disgusted by the outcome of it.

Hitting headlines today is another horrific example of us humans being heartless, a young boy aged 4 fell into a Gorilla enclosure at a zoo in Cincinnati.  Harambe the male gorilla that was tragically and wrongfully shot dead can be seen in this viral video (shown below) PROTECTING the young boy that had fallen into his inclosure.

I’m really hitting on the word PROTECTING HERE.

Amazingly this young boy is so calm and just staring at Harambe in amazement, which i’m sure you most certainly would if your that close and to young to really understand the danger of the situation. At no point do you see this beautiful creature being aggressive to the little boy, which i’m sure Harambe only see’s as one of his own. Watching this video i was amazed to see how protective and intelligent Harambe was being, moving the boy away from shouting and screaming tourists, that YES to us humans looked a little rough.

I understand that there could have been a struggle in getting the boy from Harambe but why didn’t they use a tranquilizer?

Granted that in this situation I understand that emotions would be running high, but there isn’t anything that can be done by shouting. I don’t want to go into too much detail on this point but I can’t say I have any sympathy for the parents of the little boy who were clearly too busy doing something else to notice that their 4 year old son had climbed through a barrier and fallen about 3m (10ft) into a Gorilla enclosure.

Every time I see this post come up social media i’m in tears, no animal in my opinion should be in a zoo, and especially Gorillas. It’s disgusting this we use animals for our entertainment and pockets. I understand that zoos do help us protect animals that are in danger of extinction but if we weren’t to busy screwing up the plant in the first place, we wouldn’t have to be saving them at all.

This is one horrible cycle of greed and carelessness. If we just looked up from our phones for once and looked at the world we live in. I don’t thing tragic things like this wold happen.

#JusticeForHarambe He didn’t need to die.


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