Sofar Sounds Lond0n


So no i didn’t get to go to Glastonbury like my super lucky boyfriend who happened to be playing! Boo!

But I did however win some tickets to a Sofar Sounds London gig that I attended last week!

Sofar Sounds are a music based company that put on awesome and intimate gigs with smaller artists in a small space. As they say ‘Gigs in intimate spaces around the world.’

I think my favourite thing about having the chance to get to these small gigs is that everyone ins’t mad or crazy in their behaviour. If you were at big gig everyones going to screaming and going mad for the artist but put the audience in the room with their favourite musicians, a drink or two and some fairy lights. BOOM the perfect evening in my opinion. Something else i love is that you ALWAYS end up falling in love with another band and yep it happened.


Shura’s set was soooooo different then what i was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised when she came on and did a acoustic set with her guitarist and herself on piano. It always takes be back to so so so long ago when i heard ‘TOUCH’ on a 1am radio 1 broadcast. Shura will always be my one of my favourite artists and she’s consistently making such moving music!


Count Counsellor

First impressions when i heard the band start playing a peculiar beat and a super tall guy creeped up to the mic was, what the hell is going on? But oh my lord where they good! I have to say it I had no idea what voice was going to come out of the lead singers mouth but man was it the most smooth vocal that could exist! CHECK THEM OUT!


These guys just had harmonies that made me want to just die. Wow, i LOVED their set. As soon as they started playing their track ‘light me’ up i instantly realised i’d had multiple friends that had played that track on repeat for months. So i was so shocked when i knew all the words without realising! It’s always a pleasure to talk to bands after their sets and i must say these guys were a delight!




OMG FREE DRINKS, i swear this is the words every 20 year old wants to hear when they’re not driving anywhere. Kopparberg have launched a new Fruit Larger that tops them all in my opinion it’s also 5%! I didn’t know a brand of Fruit Larger that is higher than i think about 3% so be careful because it’s amazing!



What a delightful evening spent with good company, good music and drinks. I will always love going to events like this because i feel like it reminds me of all the good in the world amongst the bad. Thank you Sofar Sounds London and Kopparberg for putting on a delightful evening.

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