Lets Get Cosy! Top 5 Winter Drinks

Lets face it, 

We all love snuggling up in front of a winter movie with a cosy hot drink.

So i'm here to tell you all my favourites, some super healthy. Some not so

A little beverage inspiration 
if you will...

poster-1702636_1920 1. Chamomile – Teapigs

Known for its anxiety relieving properties this beautiful chamomile tea is
the perfect option for winding down after a long day. Teapigs are the top
of my list, as they brew the whole flowers in their tea! Making for a 
relaxing and sweet flavour. Perfect for a winters evening. (Decaf)


2. Three Mint Tea – Pukka

Pukka make a lot of my favorite teas and one of them has to be the three
mint tea. It's a blend if peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint the most 
refreshing combination especially good after eating dinner for it's
benefits to your digestive system. So if your feeling bloated (after too
many toasted marshmallows),three mint tea does the trick! (Decaf)


3. Rosehip – Heath And Heather

Heath and Heather are my favorite brand to get from Holland and Barrett,
i'm in love with this blend of hibiscus and rosehip. It's the perfect
combination of floral flavours and slightly bitter berry taste. Don't be 
put off it's one of my favourites! Plus it's full of vitamin c! (Decaf)


4. Pumpkin Spice Latte – Homemade/ Starbucks

Now who doesn't love a PSL from starbucks?! Well i did but sadly in my 
choice to become vegan, i'm unable to enjoy the festive beverage due to
milk being in the syrups that make it! 

But have no fear! If your vegan like me there is a way that you can enjoy
a pumpkin spice latte and that from making your very own!


1. Brew a strong coffee in your chosen method. I like to use a MOKA pot 
myself but it's up too you! MAKE SURE IT'S STRONG.

2. Add your coffee to a saucepan over a medium heat. And add two 
table spoons of canned pumpkin puree. You can add more or less if you

3. Now add your choice of vegan friendly milk, in addition to three tea-
spoons of maple syrup or agave. 

4. It's time for the pumpkin spice! If you can't get hold of some pumpkin
pie spice then try putting together nutmeg and cinnamon. 

5. MIX IT UP! Make sure there aren't any lumps and when your happy, pour
into a mug! 

6. ENJOY! 

(or you can go to Starbucks)


5. Soy Hot Chocolate – Alpro

This is a personal favourite of mine, use some Alpro soy chocolate and heat
in the microwave or I like to use a nespresso aeroccino! (It makes it super 
frothy and yummy) maybe throw some vegan mini marshmellows on the top! 

Of course you don't have to use vegan ingredients! That's just me!  


I hope you guys have enjoyed learning my favourites for a winter evening! 

Let me know if you try anything!

Theory Of Lauren.


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