Things we don’t think. 

So for Christmas my wonderful auntie bought me the most amazing book. I didn’t think that it would make a interesting YouTube video but it inspired a blog post for sure!

Now I titled this post ‘things we don’t think’, myself and many others I feel are victims of not taking time for ourselves and I feel like little books like this are the perfect way of taking time but not realising it too much. We sit down with a cup of coffee and tap away at our phones or laptops like it’s nothing. But how about filling in some blanks and having a good think about what your going to miss when you leave the earth one day? Sound scary? Not really… it’s gonna happen.

But hey! Lets not think about that I hear you say…

Well Sprit Listography – My Inner Self In Lists makes you do that…

When i started reading through this book I thought what! I’ve never even thought about what I’m going to miss about planet earth or what I want life after death to be like, but it’s intresting when you think about it in a fun and interactive way like filling in the blanks. This book was a beautiful surprise, I can’t think of anything more exciting than reading it in a few years time and laugh or cry about what I have written.

Here’s one of the questions in the book, I’ll share my answer with you. Maybe it will inspire you to do something similar.

‘What I Would Tell My Senior – Citizen Self’

‘Your still beautiful. Yes your might be wrinkled but that’s just life. Your as young as you feel! Go jump out of a plane if that’s what you want to do! Never give up, never loose your kind heart Lauren because I’m sure at this point you have already changed the world.’ (1/01/17)

I think we shouldn’t ever forget that having the power and ability to write words down on a computer or paper is an incredible thing. That’s why writing in my 3am Journal gives me comfort. I can say what I want, write down my goals and change the world or at least my world a little bit at a time.

Use words,

Your truly blessed to have them.

Until next time,

Lauren. X

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