Life’s soundtrack. 

I’m at point in my life where music has a big significance. 

Today I had to cancel on plans with a friend yet again because I was called into work; these things happen. Life is irritating at times but little moments can make it better. 

TODAYS MOMENT : ‘walking out into the cold air on my lunch break, headphones on listing to Fleetwood Mac – Dreams while it started to rain lightly. ‘ 

It might sound silly. But it was pure bliss,  having a soundtrack to your life makes everything better, make sure you have one. 

Here are my top 5 songs to listen to and sing till your lungs give out. 

  1. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams 
  2. WHAMM! – Careless Whisper 
  3. Bruno Mars – Versace On The Floor 
  4. Madonna – Crazy For You 
  5. Patrick Swayze – She’s Like The Wind 

Comment down below your favourite shout out song. 

Until next time. 

Lauren. X 

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