Little Comfort Box 

It came to my attention this month that, young female pupils are suspected to be skipping up to a weeks worth of school every single month because they can’t afford tampons and sanitary towels and their also too afraid to ask for them.
It broke my heart to hear that young ladies put socks or tissues in their underwear in place of your typical sanitary wear.
Young ladies aren’t the only females suffering from this, as ignorant as it sounds, only recently I thought about the fact women that are living on the streets have to deal with periods too.
What I want to do is create boxes for women all over the UK that are in need of sanitary wear, each box including feminine wipes, sanitary towels and tampons. From this funding I want to build a platform where young ladies can drop in and name, email and address in order to have my little comfort box sent to them. Funding will also go towards the shipping and purchases for the items in the box, women that are living on the streets will also benefit as I want to go out and deliver these boxes to homeless woman in need.
Periods suck, and having to deal with them in such discomfort is a crime. Females shouldn’t have to worry about getting their period and affording sanitary wear.
We can change this.
Donate what you can and it would be massively appreciated, this is my own charity and hope to make it a strong and successful one!
We can do it ladies!

Thank you!

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