My Favourite Apple Products

1. The iPhone

Now there is no wayI could have written this blog post without taking about the wonder that is the iPhone. From my first ever 3GS I fell in love with the effortless nature and simplicity with how they work. My top iPhone is the 7 and 8 Plus!

2. The Apple Watch Series 2

My first Apple Watch was the ‘sport’ edition, in a Rose Gold 38mm. I now own the Apple Watch Series 2 in Gold 38mm, the reason for the upgrade was because of the waterproof feature. Since I’m now training to be a dog groomer is was vital for me to have a watch that was waterproof…. of course I didn’t wanna go for a cheap waterproof watch! I want the best… Apple.

3. The iPad Pro 10.5

Writing this blog post right now I’m using my iPad Pro. It’s the most amazing size to work on for typing, drawing and general use. The iPad Pro 12.9 was a tempting offer for me, however when the 10.5 was released I realised that it was the absolute perfect size for everything. The TrueTone display is wonderful, it’s unlikely that you’d notice the amount of difference it makes to the screen, but wow it does.

4. The Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil of corse is one of the amazing accessories that Apple do for the iPad Pro, yes it does require having an rather expensive iPad to use it. However if it’s graphic design that your into or just drawing it’s a awesome accessory!

If you wanna know why I love all of these products so much watch the link down below!

Don’t forget to comment down below what your favourite Apple product is, or you might not even like them haha you can comment that too!

Until next post!

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