Using this laptop right now is a struggle.

Hands up who’s reading this uncomfortably hot with every window in your house wide open… thought so.

Here’s few tips for you to deal with this beautiful yet brutal weather!

Help Me With This Heat Hun

  1. DRINK THAT WATER GIRL (and lads)! 

It’s massively important in your daily life to stay hydrated but with this crazy 30ºC heat it’s EVEN more important! No one wants to be in A&E on a drip in weather like this! Stay hydrated, the body is 60% water!  Keep it up guys!


Yes, I know you wanna get the pins out but it can be done comfortably! When your running errands or just relaxing put on some loose fitting shorts, skirt or dress! Believe me there is nothing worse then wearing tight clothing in the sticky weather! Rock the Levi shorts when the suns going down!


Now we’ve all been sunburnt and I’m sure we can all agree it’s not the best experience is it? For your own lols I shall include a very burnt photo of my shoulders… I didn’t wear sun cream at a music festival… on a very hot day.. I learnt my lesson.IMG_0551


This is a given though right? GO GET YOURSELF A CUTE HAT AND SOME SUNNIES. Firstly, you’ll look like a famous person trying to avoid getting papped. Secondly, you’ll be protecting your precious eyes from the harsh and potentially dangerous rays of the sun! DO IT.


Whatever genius decided to can water to spray on your face in these desperately hot times… is a genius in my opinion! Poundland even sell these super smart cans. They’re perfect for having in  your handbag!  Be sure to check out the travel sections of boots and Superdrug because you can by mini versions!


That’s all the advice I have for now,


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