Feels Like Summer


Anyone else sad that Childish Gambino realised this song in September? I feel like he’s literally put a California summer into music!

If you have no clue what I’m talking about the wonderfully controversial Childish Gambino also known as Donald Glover has released another incredibly creative single called ‘Feels Like Summer’. The track is VERY different to the groundbreaking ‘This is America’ Released back in May this year, it combines summer sounds with beautiful electronic vocals and of course a video that throws a little shade!

Check it out!


 Justin Richburg is the master behind these crazy cool illustrations of artists spotted in the video such as  Travis Scott, Niki Minaj, Drake, The Weekend, Swae Lee, Michelle Obama, Kanye West Just to name a few!

The video attracts attention for its ‘suspected’ references to Niki Minaj and Travis Scotts feud, with then both shown playing with building blocks, then Travis Scott knocking it down. ‘Queen’ Niki’s latest album reached number Two on the Billboard Charts with Travis Scotts ‘Astroworld’ coming out on top when released! As it currently stand Niki has dropped to 5 and Scott has taken her number 2 spot! Seems perfectly timed if you ask me!


This isn’t just one of the interesting depictions in the video, check out Michelle Obama and a crying Kanye having a moment of embrace! I’ll let everyone make up their own minds!


Let me know what you think of this crazy video and killer song!

Enjoy guys!



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