Feels Like Summer

So, Anyone else sad that Childish Gambino realised this song in September? I feel like he's literally put a California summer into music! If you have no clue what I'm talking about the wonderfully controversial Childish Gambino also known as Donald Glover has released another incredibly creative single called 'Feels Like Summer'. The track is... Continue Reading →

Where Have I Been?

Its been an exciting summer!   First, I few off the the wonderful land of The United States Of America. California is the most amazing place in the world!  I flew from London Gatwick to Oakland International, 11 hours later I landed. It's was a trip filled with Baseball Games, Beer Pong and Bars!  I... Continue Reading →

#TheoryBeauty LWEKS

BEAUTY TIME! I've always enjoyed playing around with makeup, no I'm not some qualified MUA but I'm a girl that just wants to spend money on nice things OK! So here's a fun peachy look I created! All products are listen down below. By no means do you have to use the exact products listed... Continue Reading →


Using this laptop right now is a struggle. Hands up who's reading this uncomfortably hot with every window in your house wide open... thought so. Here's few tips for you to deal with this beautiful yet brutal weather! Help Me With This Heat Hun DRINK THAT WATER GIRL (and lads)!  It's massively important in your... Continue Reading →

DJI Spark

So, I was a very lucky girl for my birthday in April and was treated to a DRONE! Yes I am a proud owner of  a DJI Spark, its a fantastic! Top features: - Intelligent flight modes for intuitive control - QuickShot helps you shoot videos like a pro - High performance camera captures Full... Continue Reading →


Morning All! We've had such crazy weather recently, with more snow in March than I'd ever expect to see! It cancelled my sister hen do plans and it left me and my friend Louise stuck in Guildford a few nights ago! But hey! Don't scare it away! It' starting to look like spring out there!... Continue Reading →


You guys might have seen this video on my channel. I’ve been making content randomly here and there and it’s has glimpses of what I really wanna do! I love the cinematic creative kinda work I’ve done and it’s something I wanna stick with! So check it out let me know what you think and... Continue Reading →

So, Yeah. As you can see from the title of this blog post... my poor sister and bride to be had her hen do cancelled and reorganised as the U.K. decided to have winter the first weekend of March. The weekend in which myself, head bridesmaid and mother of the bride had decided to plan... Continue Reading →

Vegan Pancake Day.

Since Turning Vegan almost 3 Years ago I've been slightly disappointed with pancakes. I love the traditional flat CRÊPE style pancakes with the perfect topping of lemon and sugar. Although I've never even attempted making them until today, PANCAKE DAY! GOODBYE FLUFFLY AND HELLO FLAT PANCAKES! 220g of plain flour 680ml of soy or other milk... Continue Reading →

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