#TheoryBeauty LWEKS

BEAUTY TIME! I've always enjoyed playing around with makeup, no I'm not some qualified MUA but I'm a girl that just wants to spend money on nice things OK! So here's a fun peachy look I created! All products are listen down below. By no means do you have to use the exact products listed... Continue Reading →

Vegan Pancakes

Being vegan,  i'm sure you guys agree, how often do you hear the words "what do you eat?!", "so you just eat salad then?". Well no, vegans can eat anything and everything given that it's plant based! The best advice that I was given by my friend Kristina who also has a amazing blog was... Continue Reading →

Café Pod Subscription 

Hi guys! So today I want to talk about Café pod which you might have seen in places like Waitrose and Sainsburys. They basically do a massive range of coffee pods, that are Nesspresso compatible in addition to machine like the Dolce Gusto. I first purchased these pods in Waitrose and myself and my boyfriend... Continue Reading →


I wanna share everything with you guys, the music i'm loving is very important! Recently I rekindled my love with my Soundcloud account, finding new music is so much fun because i'm that person that finds something they love, becomes obsessed and plays it to death! Lets Hop In! Raye - Tell Me. Now I... Continue Reading →

Polyvore 😍 Love. 

As I'm sure you'll be able to gather from the title I'm in love with Polyvore. Today I came across the app and wanted to know what it was about, for so long I've wondered where you get those amazing white background pictures filled with amazing clothing or nude lips. Well it's here! On my... Continue Reading →

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