Vegan Pancake Day.

Since Turning Vegan almost 3 Years ago I've been slightly disappointed with pancakes. I love the traditional flat CRÊPE style pancakes with the perfect topping of lemon and sugar. Although I've never even attempted making them until today, PANCAKE DAY! GOODBYE FLUFFLY AND HELLO FLAT PANCAKES! 220g of plain flour 680ml of soy or other milk... Continue Reading →

Vegan Life. 

So, Lets talk about it, yes I'm vegan. If your not sure what that means, i only eat plants. Pure herbivore. 10 months ago I watched 'Black Fish' -  (Netflix) it's a documentary about the Orca Whales in sea world and how they're not really treated with the respect they deserve. I'm not going too far... Continue Reading →

Lets Get Cosy! Top 5 Winter Drinks

Lets face it,  We all love snuggling up in front of a winter movie with a cosy hot drink. So i'm here to tell you all my favourites, some super healthy. Some not so much! A little beverage inspiration if you will... 1. Chamomile - Teapigs Known for its anxiety relieving properties this beautiful chamomile... Continue Reading →

Vegan Pancakes

Being vegan,  i'm sure you guys agree, how often do you hear the words "what do you eat?!", "so you just eat salad then?". Well no, vegans can eat anything and everything given that it's plant based! The best advice that I was given by my friend Kristina who also has a amazing blog was... Continue Reading →

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