Using this laptop right now is a struggle. Hands up who's reading this uncomfortably hot with every window in your house wide open... thought so. Here's few tips for you to deal with this beautiful yet brutal weather! Help Me With This Heat Hun DRINK THAT WATER GIRL (and lads)!  It's massively important in your... Continue Reading →

Vegan Lemon Loaf 

Who's hungry? Today I decided I thought there was nothing better to do than bake and blog. So here's my vegan lemon loaf recipe! Hope you guys enjoy! Ingredients Cake 275g Self Raising Flour 200g Caster Sugar 1tsp Baking Powder Zest of 1 Lemon 100ml Vegan Butter Melted Juice of 1/2 Lemon Icing 150g Icing... Continue Reading →

Sofar Sounds Lond0n

Wow! So no i didn't get to go to Glastonbury like my super lucky boyfriend who happened to be playing! Boo! But I did however win some tickets to a Sofar Sounds London gig that I attended last week! Sofar Sounds are a music based company that put on awesome and intimate gigs with smaller... Continue Reading →


Now, I wanted to take some time to get over what has gone on recently. No i'm not part of the LGBTQ community but the loss that they've experienced this week still brakes my heart, after all i'm human. I cry. All i'm going to say is that 50 people and counting have lost their... Continue Reading →


I wanna share everything with you guys, the music i'm loving is very important! Recently I rekindled my love with my Soundcloud account, finding new music is so much fun because i'm that person that finds something they love, becomes obsessed and plays it to death! Lets Hop In! Raye - Tell Me. Now I... Continue Reading →

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